About us

Brieffy is a company dedicated to design brief information products that empower your life.

Our purpose

We empower people with information that drive the constant evolution of their organization.

Brieffy app

Why Brieffy

We are your ally in fulfilling the objectives of your organization. At Brieffy we generate value to the world through your constant evolution.


What do we do?

Brieffy allows you to know and take advantage of privileged information and high-impact events before they go public. We provide you with fine data and an implementation plan tailored to increase your agility and meet your goals.

The knowledge generated for you is created from the filtering and organization of relevant information obtained from newspaper articles, blogs, international organizations, government information, social networks; to name a few.


Case of success


We create the world's best rated news application above the 200 most recognized digital media in the market.

What can you find in our app?


We process more than 500,000 articles from 100 sources of information to deliver the Conversation of the World in a synthesized and easy to consume format.


Listen every morning El Brieff, become an informed person in ten minutes with the most important news of the day told by Arturo, one of our founders.


No, we are not YouTube, our job is to filter the most important videos in the world so you can consume the most important information content.